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Hatchmasters Realistic Fly Tying
Supplying realistic flies for every aquatic insect of importance to the angler. Fishable, but equally at Home displayed in a frame.

Go To hatchmasters.ca Contact Info for <B>Hatchmasters Realistic Fly Tying</B>

Saltwater Fly Tying
Learn to tie saltwater flies with Joe Branham. Step by step instructions, pattern database and much more.

Go To branhamssaltwaterflytying.com Contact Info for <B>Saltwater Fly Tying</B>

A1 Umas Fly Fishing-India
Manufactuer-Exporter of Fly Tying Products & Accessories.

Beads On The Fly
Your source for quality glass beads, fly kits and supplies.

Black Nose Dace
Tying instructions on the famed trout fly.

Bob Henley's TIE-A-FLY
Learn how to tie flies in your home, at your convenience, and at your learning speed.

A magnifier that you can just set down on the desired material and it it is pre-focused to make the material four times larger than the original size. No lifting or focusing.

CR Bird Farm
We at CR Bird Farm have some of the best dry fly guality hackles you will find anywhere.

Tooltote - the convenient way to store and transport your fly tying tools.

Crocheted Fly Patterns
Here you can see and learn how to tie these six flies: Crocheted Mayfly Emerger, Crocheted Damsel Fly Nymph, Crocheted Caddis Pupa, Chrocheted Caddis Emerger, Chrocheted Stonefly Nymph and the Crocheted Fox Torpedo.

David Flies
We have all the flies you may need for fly fishing. For all your hand tied flies of the highest quality.

David Martin Fishing Flies
Realistic Fly Tying. Realistic Fishing Flies, Patterns, Materials and Supplies

DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers
We are a non-profit fly tying club in Illinois dedicated to the preservation of Fly Fishing and fish habitat.

E. Hille Co.
Catalog supplier of fly tying material.

FQSA Fly Tying World Championship
FQSA's brand new website with info on the worls fly tying competition with preious winners and pictures of their flies.

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