"There's a big difference between a dry fly dancing through a riffle and a weighted fur ball dragging on the bottom." - Ernest Hemingway
As fly fishers, we need a full arsenal of flies. Here you'll find fly fishing flies offered by manufacturers, retailers and assorted creative wizards around the world.

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Hatchmasters Realistic Fly Tying
Supplying realistic flies for every aquatic insect of importance to the angler. Fishable, but equally at Home displayed in a frame.

Go To hatchmasters.ca Contact Info for <B>Hatchmasters Realistic Fly Tying</B>

Saltwater Fly Tying
Learn to tie saltwater flies with Joe Branham. Step by step instructions, pattern database and much more.

Go To branhamssaltwaterflytying.com Contact Info for <B>Saltwater Fly Tying</B>

Adipos Flytying
A huge selection of Pacific salmon flies and steelhead flies. For your next trip to Alaska, B.C., or anywhere else you fish for steelhead or salmon be sure to check us out!

Amben Fishing Tackle
Our flies are the highest quality, manufactured from Kenya as shown in our website. Our customers order our products according to their will. Please tell us what flies you need, and we will make them to order.

Art for the angler. A selection of trout flies for angling, or mounted as sets with pictures and photographs of Scotland.

Your online source for one-of-a-kind artistic designs, hand tied saltwater flyfishing flies, fly tying materials and more.

Ausable Wulff
With streams, ponds, and lakes filling up most of the Adirondack six million acre park, the Adirondacks is a fisherman's paradise. The West Branch of the AuSable River is voted by enthusiasts to be the number one trout stream in the East.

Australian Bushcraft Library
The retail website for all the Australian Bushcraft Library instructional videos plus some associated books that make up comprehensive info kits

BT's Fly Fishing Products
We offer custom tied flies for a select group of customers/fly shops.

Baker's Dozen Fly Boxes
A selection of flies hand tied by our master fly tier Dave Rhyner. In each case Dave has selected his favorite 13 flies for a specific season or fish.

Blue Fly Cafe
Not one or two specials but low prices across the board, and on Grade A quality flies and accessories. You buy the same way fly shops buy, direct from the source.

Blue River Traders
Quality Custom Tied Flies from a commercial tier with 15 years of experience. Pictures you can see, A quality guarantee like none other.

Bluewater 'Flys'
Flies fine-tuned for a diverse number of fisheries.

Bluegill and bream bugs, poppers, dry flies, cork body flies by Accardo & Peck's plus gift items for flyfishers such as fly fishing paintings and clocks with flies per hour.

Brock's Fly Shop
Custom fly shop specializing in trout and steelhead flies.

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